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Nov. 30, 2018
Join us every Friday: The Hour of Reconnecting with the Veterans Live on Facebook and KEPX Radio at 6:00pm (PT). Please join us in our group discussion by calling:

Ext. 659596#

If you would like to go directly to our Radio Show to listen to Elder Reggie Griddine, Deacon Hubert Barnes, Douglas N Scott (Jazzman), Minister Karyes Stockdale, & others, please call:

605-562-4265 or key in our website:
Our KEPX Radio Show is based on discussing topics that are helpful, listening to testimonies, veterans sharing with veterans, reaching out to veterans that are homeless, ministering to veterans families and providing information to help those that are seeking 100% benefits. Our Show is allowing others to open up for deliverance. This is how we Reconnect with the Veterans. Will you please help us share this message? We will see you Friday night at 6:00pm.

Love you,
JoAnne Smith Hooks
Kind regards
JoAnne Smith-Hooks

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02.12 | 08:10

Hello Mother JoAnne Smith-Hooks, I'm estaic for you and your success, I thank you again for your books you sent me , and I really enjoyed them , congratulations

02.12 | 07:43

I love this title, I can’t wait to get a copy Sis. May the work you continue do, speaks for you!!

God bless you and I love you!!

Your baby sis, Neicy

02.12 | 06:10

I love you mom

20.10 | 04:11

Thank you for doing this type of show for our community,veterans so many veterans will be bless as they tune in.

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