Mar. 13, 2013

"Cancer is a Silent Killer"

"Cancer is on the rampage and it is moving rapidly through out the land. Those of us that have suffered from this drastic disease know how it can destroy the mind as well as the body. We are "Living in the Last Days" and none of us are exempt from the wiles of the enemy. This is why it is so important that we stick together, especially to pray or stand in the gap for each other. People of God, I beg of you do not allow petty things to destroy you or your family. Nothing or no one is worth you losing your salvation over. This is a precious gift that God has given us. Hold on to your gift and fight for your rights. God is calling us to repent, “for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand." Remember through out this day that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Yesterday is gone and we cannot retrieve it. It is only in our memories.

Love you,
Mama Jo"