May. 9, 2020


Dear Families, Friends, & Neighbors, 

On Monday, May 4, 2020 during the early morning hours between 6:00am – 11:05am, the Spirit of the Lord visited me in a dream.  I remembered the time specifically because I had been in prayer all night lifting our first Online Revival up before the Lord that the Women of Vision were hosting on May 5th – 7th.  I couldn’t understand why I was given this dream a day prior to the Revival.  Now, I am prompted by the Spirit of the Lord to share it with you.  I mentioned it briefly during the Revival, yet not in depth.

THE DREAM:  As I was placed into a deep sleep.  It seems as though I was on some type of Island and we were outside at a church event on a large lawn.  All of sudden the Spirit of the Lord had me to start walking and shouting repent, repent, repent.  We must repent of our sins.  No one was listening to me. 

In the midst of me shouting repent, I looked up and discovered that an earthquake had hit and opened up the earth.  What’s so ironic about this, we didn’t feel it nor hear it… Here’s another thing that was so strange:  I was shown Lava in an earthquake, moving fast in a Big Circle, with a bright Fiery Orange like color (that looked like hot steam with smoke in it) flowing rapidly.  I was shown that it was in the shape of a (GLOBE) meaning it was running globally, around the world.  I tried to fore-warn the people that we could not cross over nor go around it.  No one would listen to me.  They just kept talking and doing whatever they do.

The Spirit of the Lord directed me to go and stick my hand in the Lava.  I was afraid.  I said, “It’s too hot.”  I thought I would lose my hand if I did that.  Who am I to buck against the Lord?  As I stuck my hand in the Lava, I discovered that it was icy cold, as to a freezing level.  I then asked the Lord, “What did this mean?”  He said, “It’s just like the people are doing now, not taking heed to the crisis that’s going on around the world.  They are still doing the same as usual and there is no change.”  They have become cold.   I woke up in fear.  Actually, shaking….Help us Holy Ghost?

Take heed Saints of the Most High God….I don’t think we need an interpreter for this dream.  It actually, speaks for itself.  Do you agree?

The Bible says in, Matthew 24:12 "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."


Will you please share?


Love you,

Mother JoAnne Hooks