Aug. 22, 2019


I have a great concern for our young people when it comes to Etiquette.  So many have not been taught the importance of Etiquette.

Some may not even be aware that Etiquette exists.

Do we blame this on the Fast Food places or a lack of teaching in our homes?  Have we thrown Etiquette out the door?  In some restaurants, they refuse to place a knife or spoon on the table and you must request a glass of water.  Who does that?  What happened to the good ol’ rules of Etiquette?

Place your Napkin on your Lap when you sit at the Table: 

Know your Napkin Etiquette — (From:  The Daily Meal site)

Do you think our young people know if they sit at a table, that their napkin is the one on the left?  Be sure to put your napkin on your lap as soon as everyone is seated, and know if you need to get up in the midst of the meal to go to the bathroom that you should leave your napkin on your chair.


In Closing:  What happened when people were kind with each other and knew how to talk on the phone?  What happened to speaking to one in the passing by saying good morning or just a simple, hello would be sufficient?  It is imperative to know some basic Rules of Etiquette.  Some of these old-school rules of Etiquette really need to come back.  Do you agree?

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on this matter?  It would be great if someone would establish a School of Etiquette in each city.  Help us Holy Ghost?

Love you,

Mother JoAnne Hooks