Aug. 1, 2019


Dear Saints of the Most High God,
This is lengthy, yet I really need you to take your time to read it because I need your feedback, please.  It's a heartbreaking dream.
This morning as the Spirit of the Lord awaken me from a dream, I could not stop weeping.  I was truly disturbed wondering why I would have such a dream prior to the day we are getting ready to fast and pray for our children.
There were numerous of churches invited to a huge event with a large congregation based on an Installation Service to appoint a new Pastor over this particular church.  There were Bishops, Pastors, Ministers, Evangelists, Missionaries, Deacons and Mothers that had designated sections and seats assigned to them.
Our Bishop was sitting on the front seat with the new Pastor that the folk were to install.  The strangest thing happened; my Bishop had to encourage the Organist to go up in the choir stand to play for this Pastor.  We did not understand why he refused to play. 
On the right side of the podium there sat a group of men that were overseeing the church.  Out from the back seat a man stepped out with a green whiskey bottle in his hand drinking in the church.  In his drunken stupor, he began to use vulgar language.  This new Pastor (that was not yet installed), walks over and takes the bottle from the man and pours his whiskey out on the Altar and tells him, “NO DRINKING ALCOHOL IN THE HOUSE OF GOD.” 
Of course, this made the man very angry.  As the man attempted to fight the Pastor, my Bishop jumps up to calm the man.  All of a sudden, a mother (look to be about 75) comes from the choir stand and jumps in between the man and my Bishop. These men on the right side were just sitting there letting this poor woman take on this challenge with a drunken man. 
Suddenly, my 24 and 25 year old grandsons and I goes up to the man to calm him down (I was going to lay hands on him).  The so called new Pastor did not want that to happen.  When my grandsons stood before the man; He said, “So ya’ll sent two giants to take me out, right?”  My grandsons are tall and big muscle bound men and the 24 year old is a Security cop.  I guess they would look like giants to him.
Due to my grandsons being overprotective of me, they said, “Grandma go back and take your seat, we got this.”  That’s just who they are…No non-sense guys.
They told the man calmly, “To take his seat before the people put him out of the Church.”  The new Pastor and the men that were overseeing the Church wanted him out of the building and told my grandsons to, “escort him to the door.”  My grandsons were bewildered because the man had calmed down and he wasn’t an endangerment to anyone, anymore.  They looked at the man with sadness in their eyes and the man told them, “Do not worry, I will leave without causing any trouble.”
They were truly concerned about this man.  As they escorted him outside, their hearts were broken as he began to weep and pour out his heart to them. 
They found out that he had been the Pastor of the church prior to new Pastor.  He told them, “He and this new Pastor were very close friends and he invited him to preach because he proclaimed to be a prophet.  He won the people’s hearts by dropping things in their spirit.  He also shared a lot of things with him as to how God had blessed the Church and how they won numerous of people to the Lord.  He shared with him all the millions of dollars that God had granted them to have for the Building of the Kingdom….Well, lo and behold this new Pastor concocted a lie on this Pastor and brought it to church. 
The people believed a lie instead of the truth.  He made them believe that he was the man for the job. So, they kicked the Pastor out of the Church and allowed this man to deceive them. 
As my grandsons came back into the church, I could see the expression on their faces, they were grieved.  They believed this Pastor and were devastated, as to hearing his story and how he had been treated.  The man walked away sober, weeping, hurt, and with a broken heart.  I believe this is why I woke up weeping…
Listen, if I saw this man on the street, I would be able to recognize him.  There were so many people in the dream that I knew.  Of course, I will never expose names or faces. 
Here are my questions, I pray someone can answer them.
1. What did you perceive from this dream?
2. Why would the people believe a lie?
3. Why didn’t they allow the Pastor a chance to explain?
4. What happened to the gift of discernment?
5. What was the significance of my 2 grandsons being in this dream?
6. Why was Bishop the only man that tried to calm this man as oppose to my 2 grandsons?
7. Why did the Spirit of the Lord use a woman to intervene & intercede?
8. Why wasn’t the Pastor restored back to the Church?
9. Why did they allow him to leave brokenhearted & hurt?
10. Do you believe our churches are in trouble?
I never saw the new Pastor getting installed in the dream.  The dream ended with the boys coming in with confusion on their faces, wondering why?
P.S. Below is the same exact green bottle that I had in my dream. I found it on google.
Love you,
Mother JoAnne Hooks