Jul. 2, 2019


Parents need to talk about their family values and why these particular things are important to their family.

My mother, Mrs. Willie Mae Smith did exactly what the statement above required her to do.  

Her mom, died when she was 8 years old and she was sent to live with an Aunt, which was her mother's sister.  She was reared up with her cousins who became her brothers and sisters.

She left home at the age of 17 and lost contact with her family far over 60+ years.  She refused to give up the search and finally found her baby sister & younger brother, prior to their death.  We too refuse to give up hope looking for our cousins.  

This is why I thank God for Facebook because it gave us an opportunity to connect with so many of our cousins.  In this picture is only a few of them.  My mom had 20 children, my Aunt had 16 children, my great Aunt had 16 to 20 children.  Our search has just begun.  

My siblings and I (Smiths) are related to the Dillards, Andersons, Carswells, Monroes, Knights, Taltons & Hesters out of Georgia & Florida.  My Mother's baby brother, Nathaniel Talton Jr. was taking away when he was 3 years old.  It was her desire to find him for many years.  I am sure he has children out there some where and we refuse to give up the search.  By faith we are believing God we will connect with as many cousins, as possible.  We need each other because the value of a family is very important.

God told Adam & Eve in Genesis 1:28 Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: 

 Please keep us in your prayers as we continue our search.  We love our family!

Love you, 

JoAnne Smith Hooks