Mar. 5, 2019


On Saturday morning, March 2, 2019 as I sat in my car preparing to go over to my Studio to conduct a Radio Show, I decided to open my text to read my messages before getting on the Freeway.

Lo-and-behold, the first message that I opened up was an unknown number based on; vulgar profanity ending with, "I hope you and your family rot."

I did not retaliate in the manner that the person expected. I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to please give me the words to say to this person.

I knew who ever it was, they were angry and lashing out to who ever they could get a response from, in the same manner.

My response was: "Whoever you are, you should not have sent these words to me. I ask God to forgive you. Jesus loves you and I love you too."

I will contend to say, "There are plenty of beautiful english words out there for us to use as oppose to using profanity to get our point across." We should not allow the enemy to make us stoop to his level. Our character is at stake and we are better than that...Do you agree?

What would you have done? Need feedback, please.

Love you,
JoAnne Smith Hooks