Dec. 15, 2018


(I have been looking for this message for 3 years.  At the time that the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart to send it out back in 2015, so many of you were only 37 years old).  NEWS FLASH…..NOW, YOU ARE 40.  TAKE HEED....


Dear Ladies,

During my early morning prayers, (The Spirit of The Lord) ministered to my heart, to encourage you!


NOTE: (Life Changing Episodes) are challenges that we begin to face, starting at the age of 40. Some days may take a toll on your mind if you are not familiar with the change.  The devil will try to make you believe that you are losing your mind as oppose to recognizing that it is a “Life Changing Episode” that’s going on at that precise moment.  “NO” you are not losing your mind and don’t let anyone make you think that you are or try to tell you that you have dementia.  "The devil is a liar. He is the father of lies." We break that curse right now in the name of Jesus and reverse the terms on the one that pronounced it.



1.    so what if you put something down and you don’t remember where you placed it.

2.    so what if you lost your keys and you can’t find them. (Learn to release your Angels to help you find things, they are here to help you).

3.    so what if someone told you something and you don’t remember it.

4.    so what if you told a story twice and didn’t remember you told it the first time.

5.    so what if you had a melt-down because no one understood what you were going through.

6.    so what if someone was talking to you and you didn’t comprehend a word they were saying.

7.    so what if you were running around looking for your cellphone and finally discovered that you were talking to someone on it… Lol… Hello…Been there, done that. 


Stop looking over your shoulders wondering if you are losing your mind.  Don’t let the enemy deceive you because this too shall pass.  Start looking to God and ask Him to keep you in your "Right Mind”….


HERE’S A THOUGHT TO PONDER ON; has it ever occurred to you that those things are not important.  Especially, if you can’t remember them.

My daily prayer these days is asking God to please keep me in, "My Right Mind” and yours should be the same because God is a Keeper and the Holy Ghost will bring all things back to your remembrance!


We believe by faith that it is done and it is so.  In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen…

READ: MARK 5:15 & JOHN 14:26

Love you,

JoAnne Smith Hooks