Nov. 30, 2018


OMG....You really need to get your kleenex box out as you listen to Ms. Myeshia Stewart true life Story on the Hour of Brokenness, KEPX Radio & watch the Video on Facebook Live, my Timeline. Our hearts were broken into little pieces as she tells us, "How she was stalked, abused, shot 6 times in front of her children and left for dead." And if that wasn't enough she told us that, "Her perpetrator tried to have sex with her when he thought she was dead." It was truly difficult for us to hold back the tears while listening to her testimony.

Every woman need to hear Ms. Stewart story.
Will you please help us make this go viral?

We are coming back to the table on Sunday, December 16, 2018 to discuss Domestic Violence in the real world. After hearing Ms. Stewart interview women, "We Will Be Silent No More"....Help us Holy Ghost?

Love you,
JoAnne Smith-Hooks