Feb. 20, 2018


There was a question asked in our Bible Study by our Pastor.  He asked, "Who has impacted your life that has brought joy to you that you will always remember?" He said, "I know Jesus has, yet who else?" 

The person that has impacted my life is my daughter, Shauntae Smith!  I remember, "Hearing at the age of fifteen, I would never be able to bare children, which was devastating to me."  I went to God in prayer saying, "Father, if You bless me with one child I promise, I will give her back to You."  I walked away with peace in my mind, joy in my heart, the assurance in my spirit, knowing and believing that God would bless me with a little beautiful baby girl!  It did not happen instantly, yet I knew without a doubt that it would happen!  

In the year of 1970 I left Chicago, Il going back to Marianna, Arkansas (Home), to prepare for College in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, which was a promise that I made to my dad.  Yet, for some reason I felt strange, different and sick.  Approaching Marianna, I think I went straight to our family doctor by the name of, Doctor Mac.  I told him, "Dr. Mac there is something rolling around in my stomach and it feels like a (Rolling Tumor)."  Dr. Mac told me, "Yes and it will come forth in nine months."  That was the happiest day of my life!  You see, four years later God answered my prayers and nine months later, He brought it to pass.  GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYER!  I am a living witness.  God blessed me with a beautiful daughter and I do not take it lightly!

I love you Shauntae!  Be blessed my darling!  God has a blessing with your name on it!




JoAnne Smith Hooks