Feb. 20, 2018


When we are young, God gives us dreams and visions for the sake of His people. As we begin to launch out into the deep we shouldn't be surprise if things do not go as planned. Effectiveness comes with practice, which brings professional growth. No one starts out as a professional.

Sometimes, disappointment comes as oppose to encouragement....Yet, that should not be a reason for us to give up on our dreams. Does words matter? Yes, they do....They can break us or make us....Which one do you choose? We must learn to take the bitter with the sweet because God did not make us all alike. In other words we must consider the source. Can you imagine giving up, inspite of what people say and do to us, knowing that our dreams and visions comes from God? If we give up, how will we know if we will ever be successful?....We must keep trying....Remember, practice makes perfect!

I would like to encourage you. If you should fail several times, don't give up because God is testing your faith to humble you. If Noah had given up on the dream and vision that God gave him in the book of Genesis to build the Ark, eight people would not have survived and God knows we wouldn't be here. Please, don't give up, follow your dreams and visions because they come from God. God bless you and I love you!

JoAnne Smith Hooks