Oct. 9, 2014

A Testimony or A Miracle?

On Saturday morning after leaving our church due to being in a powerful prayer shut-in all night, I decided to stop and purchase gas before going home.

This is so ironic to me:  As I approached my car, I looked to my right and discovered there was a young man coming toward me with a black plastic bag in his hands.   I truly don’t know where this guy came from, it seems as though he appeared out-of-no-where.  God knows this is truth; he definitely wasn’t near as I approached my car coming out of the store because my eyes were in the directions that he was coming toward me.  I may have glanced away only for a few seconds.  When he approached me I was totally perplexed as to where he came from and extremely stunned when he said, “You think I come to ask you for money, don’t you?”  I really didn’t know what to say.  He then said, “I came to you because I need someone to talk too, my mom just died and I don’t know how to cope with it.” As I extended my “condolences as well as shared empathy and compassion with him, I looked into his face and asked him “his name and age?”  He said, “My name is Keith and I am 33.”  I told him, “You look so young.”  He said, “People always tell me that.” After praying for him, he then gave his blessings. Yet, as he walked away there was something that caught my eyes.  I glanced down at his feet to discover that he was wearing red socks with no shoes on.   Here is the amazing part:  As we departed, I get into my car and dropped my head only for a few seconds to put my seat belt on and when I looked up this person had disappeared.  When I say vanished, I mean he had vanished!  I looked up and down the streets to see where he could’ve gone, yet he was no-where to be seen.   There were no houses near and it was definitely opened space all around.  I cannot get this image or the face of this young man out of my mind.

 Do you think God is sending us a message?  Do you believe this was an angel?  I came to a conclusion that angels never ask for money.  Need feedback please?

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Love you,

Evangelist JoAnne Smith Hooks

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