Jan. 23, 2014

A Hilarious True Repenting Story!

A True Repenting Story!!!

On January 19, 2014, last Sunday morning I picked up my 19-year-old grandson for Sunday school along with my daughter.  On our way to church he wanted to stop by a friend’s house to pick up a T-Shirt to wear.  Of course, I had an attitude because we were running late and I told him, “We do not have time to stop”.  My daughter said, “Oh mama it’s on the way and you need to shake the attitude.”  I said, “shut-up Shauntae”.  Well, needless to say, we stopped by the friend’s house and my grandson walks out with this wrinkle T-Shirt hanging over his shoulder.  I said, “Oh no you will not be going to church with me wearing that wrinkle T-Shirt”.  He said, “Oh yes I will be going and no one is going to stop me because the Bible says, come as you are”.  I said, “Boy the Bible doesn’t say that and you know I raised you better than that”.  He said, “You know what grand-mom you just need a hug”?  He said, “Anyways the wrinkles will fall-out even before we get to church”?  He said, “I would like to get to Sunday school because I like to hear Bishop Dixon do the review”.  I said to myself, when we get to church I’m going to jump out and run in church before he gets out of the car.  When I started running (in heels of course), my daughter tells him look, “she’s trying to run off and leave you, run and catch her, hurry she’s getting away”!  Now, we both are running trying to get in church and he sets right by me.  Lo and behold, I forgot the Sunday school lesson was based on making excuses for not coming to church…Listen, when the Bishop gave the review he started talking about people criticizing folks for what they wear to church.  He went on to say, “People should leave folks alone and let them wear what they have and come as they are”…My grandson looks at me and said, “That’s what I am talking about” Amen Bishop!  Then the Missionary added her spill to the story by saying, “And people should not be judging folks if they have on wrinkle clothes and they are setting up with their 3 piece suit on”.  My grandson said, “That's what I am talking about mother, pointing at me because I had on a 3 piece suit”.  Now, in the midst of the Service just before the offering the Bishop tells us, “If you feel that someone has an ought against you, you need to go to that person and look at them eyeball to eyeball and ask them to forgive you if you have offend them”?  I runs over to my grandson and he said, “What are you coming over here for”?  He knew I was convicted.  It goes to show you that we all have our flaws, don't we…None of us are exempt…..I want you to know, I did shake the attitude, repented to God and my grandson.  He did forgive me.  Thank you Jesus!

P.S. He said, “Grand-mom see you never notice, all the wrinkles had fallen out of my T-Shirt”.