Are Cellphones Dominating?
Are Cellphones Dominating?

Dominating cell phones (In other words: do you have complete control over your cell phone or does it have control over you)? Yes____ or No____

Yes____ or No____Questions:

1. Do you still have a Landline (Home phone)?
2. Does your cell phone take the place of your Landline?
3. Do you hear a ring before your cell phone rings sometime?
4. Have you ever misplaced your cell phone and almost lost your mind looking for it?
5. Have you ever left your cell phone at home and the only thing you could think about while you were away is how many calls you may have missed?
6. Where you ever having a conversation with someone and began looking for your cell phone while you were talking on it?
7. Do you know all your relatives and friends numbers by memory?
8. Do you pull numbers up by their name in your address book?
9. Do you text as oppose to talking to people?
10. Do you answer your cell phone while driving?
11. Do you answer your cell phone to unkown callers?

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20.10 | 04:11

Thank you for doing this type of show for our community,veterans so many veterans will be bless as they tune in.

27.02 | 15:34

I love your testimony and I know God does answer our prayers. My cousin you make me proud. I love your blog

27.02 | 02:07

l like you page and website it's awesome ,congrat! God bless keep up the good work.

21.02 | 16:57

Oh thank you my queen I am truly blessed to have you as my Queen My Mother. I thank you for all the love,caring and encouragement that you blessed me with. Love

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