JoAnne Smith Hooks holds a master's degree in theology. A native of Marianna, Arkansas born to a family of twenty siblings, she is the tenth child of sharecropper-parents, Wesley and Willie Mae Smith. At the age of seven, she cried out to God and sought answers about her education. She was permitted to go to school on the rainy days only because she had to work alongside her parents in the cotton-fields. When she was eleven years old, she heard the voice of the Lord, but she did not understand the call at that time. She fully surrendered her life to the Lord at a noonday prayer meeting, seventeen years later, when she heard the voice of God once again. God then sent Jesus to lay hands upon her and He told her, "I have anointed you to preach the gospel." Not once, but twice in that same hour, hands were laid upon her and she was filled with the Holy Ghost all in one day!

She rejoiced: "What a glorious experience, a day I will never forget!"

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JoAnne Smith Hooks | Reply 11.12.2013 00.05

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment that you wanted to dig a hole and stick your head in it? Share.

Check out my hilarious true story on my reader's site!

JoAnne Smith Hooks | Reply 07.10.2013 00.50

With all the anger & bitterness that's going on in the world this sure would be a good time for people to read my book: "A Bitter Disease Called Unforgiveness".

JoAnne Smith Hooks | Reply 14.07.2013 01.43

Do you believe we are living in the last days? Do you feel that these are perilous (meaning dangerous) times for the people of God?

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02.12 | 08:10

Hello Mother JoAnne Smith-Hooks, I'm estaic for you and your success, I thank you again for your books you sent me , and I really enjoyed them , congratulations

02.12 | 07:43

I love this title, I can’t wait to get a copy Sis. May the work you continue do, speaks for you!!

God bless you and I love you!!

Your baby sis, Neicy

02.12 | 06:10

I love you mom

20.10 | 04:11

Thank you for doing this type of show for our community,veterans so many veterans will be bless as they tune in.

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