Apr. 16, 2013

A Prayer from: "Parents to Children"

"Father, we come to the Throne of Grace, as parents in need of your help. We know that we have done some things that you are not pleased with when it comes to our children and we know that there has been or will be a consequence for our actions. We are standing in the gap for every parent that has wronged their children and we are asking every child on this universe to please forgive us for our actions.

It was never our intent to hurt you or to lead you in the wrong direction. We as parents repent to God and now we are repenting to you. Please do not hold us accountable for our past. We ask you to please let nothing fester in your heart by coming against us? We are asking you to let bitterness cease and become free to do what God has called you to do? We were wrong and we are sorry for our sins. We would like for you to know that we as parents truly love you because you are that special gift that God has given us to watch over and to teach you what is right.

Father, these are your precious children whom you have created in your image. We believe that You will turn things around in their lives. We as parents are willing to bind together to break this generational curse, as well as every yoke that’s hovering over our families and in our children lives. We believe by faith that it is done and it is so, in Jesus’ name we pray! Amen!

Love you,
Mama Jo