Mar. 31, 2019

I had three dreams Thursday night, March 28, 2019 but there is one that truly disturbed me and I would like to share it with you.


I dreamt that some type of tsunamic wave exploded clear water around the world. All houses went under water. The tall buildings were still standing yet, the water rose up to such a high tide level that no one were able to remain in any building.

What’s so unique about this water, it was (transparency/crystal clear). It was so clear as though you were looking at your own image in a mirror.

In the midst of this out-break God accumulated a way of escape for His people. He sent objects in a form that looked something like spacecrafts small or large enough to carry an individual or family members. These crafts were made out of frozen clear water, which carried us down stream in the flow (directions) of the water to our destination (wherever that was).

I believe the Spirit of the Lord is warning us again that the “EAST WIND IS BREWING UP.”

Something is going to hit our nation or and this universe, as never before.

We must pray without ceasing.

The Bible says in, Ezekiel 3:17 (KJV) “Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.”

Need feedback…

Love you,

JoAnne Smith Hooks


Mar. 21, 2019

Dear People of the Most High God, 

When Jesus was hanging from the cross He looked down and said, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34)

Please, let me take this time out to say, "If I have offend anyone out there, I ask you to please find it in your heart to forgive me?"

Most of the time we think we have this thing right, until we run into an episode that allows us to see our life flash before our face. We should never, ever think that we have arrived. Remember this: "It is not what somebody does to you prevents you from getting to heaven, it is what you do to them, will hinder you from making it in." So, you just may need to stop, repent and tell someone something just this simple, coming from your heart, these 6 words:


Will you please share this message? Tomorrow, is not promised to any of us.

Love you,

JoAnne Smith Hooks (Blog Post)


Mar. 7, 2019
Mar. 5, 2019

On Saturday morning, March 2, 2019 as I sat in my car preparing to go over to my Studio to conduct a Radio Show, I decided to open my text to read my messages before getting on the Freeway.

Lo-and-behold, the first message that I opened up was an unknown number based on; vulgar profanity ending with, "I hope you and your family rot."

I did not retaliate in the manner that the person expected. I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to please give me the words to say to this person.

I knew who ever it was, they were angry and lashing out to who ever they could get a response from, in the same manner.

My response was: "Whoever you are, you should not have sent these words to me. I ask God to forgive you. Jesus loves you and I love you too."

I will contend to say, "There are plenty of beautiful english words out there for us to use as oppose to using profanity to get our point across." We should not allow the enemy to make us stoop to his level. Our character is at stake and we are better than that...Do you agree?

What would you have done? Need feedback, please.

Love you,
JoAnne Smith Hooks


Dec. 26, 2018

Dear Friends,

On Saturday, December 8, 2018, I entered a Department Store looking to find a sale on an outfit and to place some other garments on a lay-a-way plan. 

Lo and behold, “I was summoned to register #9 to pay for my items.”  As I approached the young lady I told her that, “I wanted to pay for one item with my ATM card and place 2 other items on lay-a-way.”

For some reason she could not find my information in the system.  I couldn’t understand because I have been shopping at this particular store far over 20 years. 

Okay.  I went along with giving her my information twice verbally and she still could not get it registered.  I presented my Driver License to her, hoping and praying that it would speed up the process and she would now be able to input correct information.  She still ended up asking me a few questions, even with the proof right in front of her.  I went along with that.  I gave her the benefit of doubt thinking that she might have been new and above all nervous.  Yet, I could not understand why would they place a new person on a cash register during one of the busied days of the week, plus with this being the Holiday season?

Now, she had already taken my ATM card for the one take home item.  We were now, working on the 2 lay-a-way items.  I told her that, “I wanted to place 20 dollars on those items.”  The register calculated that I only needed to pay $15.64.  I told her great, “Just give me the change back from the 20 dollars.” 

Lo and behold, the cash register did not produce the amount of change that she was supposed to give me back.  After she had rung up everything she said, “That’s fine you can just put the 20 dollars on it.”  She quickly closed the cash register after the receipt had already been produced not showing my 20 dollars deduction.  I did question her asking, “If they would know that I had paid the 20 dollars because it wasn’t showing on the receipt?”  She assured me that, “They would.”

In Closing:  I felt bad for her because my conclusion was that she could not count.  You see, this is the problem that we are facing with many of our young folk.  They are truly lost if technology doesn’t calculate things for them.   For this reason, it is extremely important that we go back to the basic teaching our children, addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division.  I often hear people say, “We don’t want to go back because we have advanced into the future.”  I don’t know about you, I do not want anyone leading me that cannot read, count or unable to sign their name on a check because they weren’t taught to write.  Unbelievably, these will be our leaders one day.  Holy Ghost help us, please?  I will continue to tell you that it’s prayer time, as never before.

My daughter told me, “I should have reported the young lady.”  I didn’t want her to lose her job.  What do you say?  What would you have done in a situation like this?  Need Feedback….

P.S. I failed to tell you that my 2 items are still in lay-a-way.




Love you,

JoAnne Smith Hooks